Our first “official” meeting with Kwenuha!

We are currently based in Cape Town for studies and an intership in different social entrepreneurial organizations. However, we managed to have one week off to go to Zambia to work on our project. It was an amazing time – with some touristy things, but also some very useful conversations, meetings and random networking. Its amazing how you just run into relevant people everywhere!

Iris and Merete are very familiar with Livingstone and Kweuha as they stayed there for one year both of them, but for me it was my first meeting with both the city, the people and the organization I have been thinking of, working and writing on for a long time.  The three of us had our first “official” meeting together with Kwenuha and the girls working there. It was a very constructive meeting, and we all agree that this project is something that can benefit all parts. The girls desperately needs jobs and we can help them by setting up our company and seek new markets for the products they produce. The girls themselves, and Kwenuha are happy that we have taken an interest in helping them finding a solution to the situation of many of the girls, and also the capacity of Kwenuha. The more girls we can employ, the more girls Kwenuha can help off the streets. It is so inspiring to get to work on such a project like this – where you can change peoples lives to the better!

– Birgit


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