The search for the big money!

Birgit and me are now back in Norway. After three inspirational months in Cape Town, it’s time to take the next step and get started. Very exciting, yet also a bit scary. After working with our business plan and dreaming about this project the past year, it’s time to reveal it for the world and  those with the “big grands”. Our biggest mission now is to apply for funds so we can start setting up the factory and buy equipment (feel free to support us if you love our project!). This is no longer just a big dream, it’s becoming a reality! Everyday we’re seeking inspiration from all over the world, daydreaming about different patterns, prints and fabrics.There are really no limits for creativity, and that is actually something we all should have in mind. Even though we will be loaded with paperwork the following weeks, I will promise that we won’t stop dreaming.

Since we just came back from South Africa, i will end this post with a wise saying from a great man!

– Merete


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