And the winner is… WayaWaya!

Last week we participated in a regional competition for young entrepreneurs. Every business had a three minute pitch in front of  jury and an audience. We competed against 18 other businesses, and guess what? We won for best presentation! We are so proud and happy! Obviously, we went straight out to celebrate the big happening. We got a real self confidence boost (and to be honest, we are still cruising on that wave…). This was actually our first official presentation of WayaWaya, so it was extremely important to us that someone outside our bubble believed in our project. We got  lot of positive feedback, this was really a motivational booster to continue the exciting work with WayaWaya. Stay tuned…

We were fast in publishing the news on Facebook, and as a consequence, a friend of ours invited us to participate in a pitching contest at MESH the following day. Indonesian television were making an one hour long documentary about Norway, and wanted to get an impression of Norwegian entrepreneurship and the inspiring environment at MESH. At first we got terrified, so scary!? Its really not every day you get exposure in front of  hundreds of millions viewers. And exactly that was the reason why we jumped back on the presentation. We translated everything to English and made it suitable for Indonesian TV. It went beyond good, we nailed the presentation and had a blast. It is such good practice for us to stand in front of cameras and a important crowd. Again we got  lot of positive feedback and actually made important connections. After participating in such competitions and other relevant events, we have learned that nothing happens unless you dare to expose yourself and your idea. Networking is everything! The past month we have gotten so much input and great tips from other entrepreneurs and mentors. Sharing is caring, and hey…you might get a million as well (at least that is what we are dreaming of…;)

Merete (“,)


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