New Chapters, New Journeys!

You know the feeling of getting stuck.. You have been working on something for a long time, and you just don’t seem to get anywhere. You dive deeper and deeper into it, eager to find a solution and the result is getting even more stuck. Your thinking is stuck in one direction, and you just don’t see any solutions to you problem. You know what? The solution is not there – in your computer or in your documents! Sometimes, you just need to take a break, clear your mind, be inspired and think of something else for a while. THEN, suddenly! The solution stands clear and shiny right in front of you like a miracle! This is what happened to us lately.

We have been working and working, and writing and writing on our project for almost a year. It went to a point where we were totally fed up with business plans, strategy plans, applications, competition entries and other heavy documents. Having a thorough strategy and plan is very important, but its not enough! In a process like that it is easy to get stuck in creating the perfect strategy and brand plan, and forgetting about actually doing it!


Then vacation time. A break. What happened? We got back, and everyone of us had the feeling that something needs to be done! We need a new direction! We had been locked up in thinking too big and too complicated. We need a simple action plan! And so we did. We put all our strategic documents aside, and in one day created a more realistic action plan.

So, here we are now: We figured we needed something to show, something to present to partners, investors and customers. We need BAGS! A while ago, we wrote about a visit with Missibaba, a Cape Town designer and producer of bags and purses. Chloe, the designer was very enthusiastic about our project, and we contacted her again. She was more than willing to help us! So in a week we are going to Cape Town to design and produce our very first collection of bags! We are soo exited for finally going back to Cape Town and with THIS mission!

We love Cape Town!


We love Missibaba!



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