After eight months Merete, Birgit and myself are back in Cape Town to pursue the desirously start-up adventure.

After last years internship in South Africa we where left with a remarkably positive impression, and as three innovation and entrepreneurship students we had much to learn from this novel and unique environment. It is a vibrant multicultural place, where creative individuals swamp the city with unique design and art on every corner. In addition to exceptional ways of acting on recycling, green thinking and social responsibility, they also have a longstanding practice within the leather trade.


Here you will find local globally known designers like Kat Van Duinen. Even US brand Michael Kors has set up part of their manufacturing in South Africa.  A combination of consistent craftsmanship and noteworthy design makes Cape Town the ultimate destination. The following weeks Chloe Townsend, designer of Missibaba will bring life to our prototypes. Follow us, as our handbags become a tangible good.


– Iris


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