From paper to reality

For months we have been looking forward to meeting Missibaba designer Chloe Townsend. It’s funny how a coincidental meeting turns out to be such a fluke.  The moment we stumbled into her shop in July, we were inspired. Her eye for details and design was very impressive. We decided to pay her a visit at her workshop  and had a great meeting.  Since that day she has been one of our biggest inspirations within handbag design. Now we’re here again. From Norway we have brought designs by Hanne Aspelund, and together with Chloe, we are making our very first bags! This is a turning point for WayaWaya and we couldn’t be more excited!


After briefing the design with Chole she gave us a never ending “to do” list, we got work to do! Leather, hooks, rings, clips; Let the hunt begin!



Through nooks & crannies, a double GPS and loud music, we have been cruising the streets of Cape Town searching for the finest leathers and accessories. It has been very fun! I’m not going to mention all the wrong turns, closed doors and frustrations between three ladies that haven’t had a meal for hours…..;) All together it has been a great learning process for us.

We have managed to gather a huge assortment of leather and textile samples and now are starting to play around with combinations and colours. We are also working on making the right dimensions for the patterns.  Finally moving forward!



– Merete


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