Ostrich Baby!


Have you ever wanted to do like the Ostrich and bury your head in the sand so you could just disappear? I once believed this was true, but it is actually a lie!! It only appears that they do this. When an Ostrich can’t run from danger they flop to the ground and lay still to blend in with the surrounding landscape.

It still is a funny creature with its big body, thin long neck and huge eyes but it’s also the largest living bird on earth! It is flightless but can run up to 70km/h – the fastest among all birds! This super bird is native to Africa but farmed all over the world, particularly for its decorative feathers. The tasty meat is marketed commercially while the skin is used for leather products. The strong skins are known for their beautiful “dots” giving it a very unique look admired by many. An ostrich skin is not very large and only two thirds of it is classed as good quality with the typical “dots”, making Ostrich leather very expensive, and exclusive.


South Africa is the largest producer of Ostrich so we’re in the right place! We want to add something exclusive and “African” to our purses since our product is African in origin. Nordic design with African materials and craftsmanship melded together creating one unique outcome. Hunting for Ostrich leather in Cape Town turned out to be very difficult. The reason for this is a breakout of bird flu a couple of years ago that forced farmers to slaughter a large amount of its animal stock. This in turn has pushed the prices up very high. The population is on the rising again, but not all leather merchants will sell these exclusive skins. There is however some tanneries that specialize in this exotic leather and one of them happened to be in beautiful Mossel Bay, some 400km north east of Cape Town. SCOT is one of the world’s largest producers of Ostrich leather and has a huge selection of colors and finishes. We went crazy in their showroom searching for the perfect skins with the perfect color! Our collection will have three different colors so we needed to find three that would match and tie the collection together. After browsing numerous samples we found them! We have now gathered and produced everything we will need for our collection of bags from colors to dimensions and patterns. Next week production will start! We are so exited! Stay tuned for updates on how everything goes!








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