Time vs. WayaWaya

After just getting back from a month in Cape Town my stop in Livingstone was brief before heading to Norway so prioritizing was key. With little time to kill the main aim was to update and involve the Kwenuha girls.  In two weeks we organized and carried out our first workshop.

It has been as important for us to understand the ladies expectations of the project as it is for them to understand WayaWaya´s objective. The ladies initiated this workshop as a means to channel their skills and passion in tailoring into a personal representation. With two sewing machines, a picnic table and an orange cotton cloth Angela, Susan, Sandra, Modesta and Prisca each made items which reflected their unique personalities . After half a day of swapping between the scissors and sewing machines a small handbag, apron, school uniform and skirt were presented to the group.

We used the rest of the afternoon to talk about WayaWaya. The following day the ladies where introduced to leather. It was the first time any of them had worked with leather so we had a basic introductory session. They had a really fun time learning and even more so instructing and correcting each other.

Modesta and Susan comes across as the more experienced tailors and always sees the details, whereas Angela, Prisca and Sandra are not afraid of the unknown and make fun of each other´s mistakes as a means to render the situation.

I can’t wait to get back to the happy pack this autumn!  See pictures from the workshop beneath.


In order to save money we used what was available; a friend´s garden and Susan’s and Angela’s machines.


Session one; making their favorite individual item


Sandra working on her individual item

The group getting comfortable with using a cutting knife.


Modesta drawing up and cutting into leather



Susan observing Prisca as she fails to cut into the leather. Who said making a mistake can’t be fun!



The pack gathered. Modesta to the left on the second picture above.

From the left: Sandra, Prisca, Susan and Angela.

– Iris


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