Late post from Norwegian Championship

Our brand name is really catching up on us these days! It’s been long, dear readers. On the other hand, we’ve been quite busy finishing our master thesis. We couldn’t help listening to this guy ….

hey girl study

Which means, we are soon done with school! FOREVER! Do you know how we’re going to celebrate???…….

Starting up WAYAWAYA! Last few weeks we have been planning the start-up and a presale stunt in September. Stay tuned, in a couple of days we will start selling leather computer sleeves and shopper bags! WayaWaya is no longer a plan on the paper, it’s happening! More info will come.

On our last blog update, we were busy preparing for Norwegian Championships for student entrepreneurs. For two days, 18 businesses competed against each other for pride and glory (and money..) It was also a good opportunity to get to know other student entrepreneurs and their listen to their experiences. The first day started off with a “2 minutes to convince” presentation, which went well. After all, the WW-ladies likes to be the center of attention! (“,) The Norwegian Minister Liv Signe Navarsete was present during the presentations,  and she became a WayaWaya fan! She wanted to talk more with us, and of course we got a snap shot of the moment. We will definitely let her know when she can order a bag. (“,)


After the presentations, everyone had 8 meetings with different juries. It was like a 6 minutes speed date session. Quite challenging actually. The juries asked though questions, but they also gave us constructive feedback on our business plan. Good and informative experience for us! Here are some pictures from our presentation. We actually had models carrying our bags on stage. Cool?



















The second day we built our own stand to showcase WayaWaya. It was time to mingle and try to convince the judges one last time. This part was also open for other audience to join. We made a lot of effort into our stand, we actually brought a tree to be the “bag stand”. A huge tree that we dragged with us on the subway in the early morning rush hour. Haha…we got some weird looks. Pictures below!










The moment of truth had come. Time for prize ceremony! 8 different prizes was going to be handed out. We were quite nervous…The first prize to be announced was for “Best Profile”, we won! Second prize to be announced was “Best Social Entrepreneur”, this was the price we were hoping for….we were shivering! We won! (“,) We couldn’t be more satisfied and happy. We had worked really hard to prepare for the championships, and it payed off.  We are also very happy to get to know so many talented students and interesting businesses. We’re sure many of them will do good in the future. I will end this post by publishing some winning smiles and happy ladies.















Stay tuned! Soon we will reveal our very first products! Happy weekend! (“,) Hope you liked this post as much as Ryan Gosling!

hey girl blog post– Merete


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