WayaWaya are overwhelmed by all the support we have received since our start up and are proud to announce our new collaboration with Hertex Fabric, South Africa’s prominent supplier of quality textiles.


Hertex Fabric is a highly recognized brand and their showrooms are located throughout South Africa, as well as 30 countries worldwide. They are renowned for supplying the décor and design industry with upholstery fabric; however, through their long standing commitment to “quality, availability and reliability”, their range of products have broadened to suit all potential markets. They believe that no costumer is too small, something WayaWaya experienced when meeting Klaus Herrmann, inland director and nephew to Hertex founder, Peter Herrmann.

It all started in March when I called Hertex to ask about textile lining for our leather bags. WayaWaya was searching for a particular range of fabric that would meet the feedback from the supporters of the first range of shopper bags. We needed a high quality and proudly African cotton textile. Klaus told us they had exactly what we were looking for. He also showed a genuine interest in our organisation, and after reading our blog, he willingly told us that Hertex was interested in having their brand associated with ours.


“I love hearing about unique upliftment projects such as WayaWaya” – Klaus


A month later, my partner and I drove 18 hours from Zambia, through Botswana and down to South Africa, to set up contracts with relevant suppliers in Johannesburg. We are so fortunate to have such a wide range of wonderful suppliers throughout Southern Africa.

The Hertex showroom in Kramerville design district is a visual haven filled with seraphic personnel that do their utmost to meet all costumers’ needs. While waiting for our meeting with Klaus, we were shown all this fabric house has to offer including quality carpets and wallpaper in addition to their comprehensive range of textiles.

The meeting with Klaus was over par and deciding on lining textiles was a straightforward procedure. One might say that it is the norm for NGOs and social enterprises to ask for charitable donations, and Hertex holds a clear conduct that accommodates this perception. Not only did Klaus decide to sell the fabric for cost price, he also offered to donate offcuts to our vocational training program at no cost.  This will immensely cut down on our training costs as we had previously needed to purchase fabric for this purpose.  The collaboration between Hertex and WayaWaya will benefit a wide number of people.

Scroll down and see what we have been doing the last month and how WayaWaya have made use of the fabric off cuts.



Working on getting the computer bag right



 Moyo is responsible for both the teaching and organizing at WayaWaya



Getting a hang of it…


While Modester is paying close attention to Moyos computer bag-lesson…



 … Angela is picking out bags for her very personal headdress collection

Thank you, Hertex!




– Iris


2 comments on “HERTEX supports WAYAWAYA

    • Hi Kine! We are currently working on a web shop, in the meantime you can order straight from us. I’ll send you some info and pics on your gmail-adress. 🙂 Thank you!

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