Thank you Signe!

A couple of months ago, Signe Moland contacted us asking if it was possible to support us with a donation.
We got quite bewildered by the offer, didn’t exactly know how to react. Someone just donating money without us handing in a 10 pages long application in advance, something new!  We can’t express how thankful we are, a BIG shoutout to Signe!

Signe studied in Livingstone in 2010, she had her field work in Kwenuha Women’s Association and wrote her thesis about the organization. She got to know many of the women that are now working for WayaWaya.


Signe and Daniel, Livingstone 2011

We wanted to involve her regarding how we spent the donation, and since she had a relation to the women, she wanted the donation to affect their families. Together we decided to buy school uniforms to the WayaWaya-ladies’s children, we also paid school fees for the first semester! 16 kids got new school uniforms thanks to Signe, thank you so much!


WayaWaya’s extended family! 16 talented youngsters ready to conquer the world of education!


“Investing in education is the single most effective way of reducing poverty.”

Thank you again, this means everything to the WayaWaya-team!



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