Ubuntu, I guess?

What do you call it when you gather a group of amazing friends for a day of gratuitous work? I’m not entirely sure but in Norwegian we call it “dugnad”. I turned to my online dictionary for the translation, one of which was “to have a bee”. But when I asked around people didn’t really grasp the saying.

So finding a good word to explain what I wanted to initiate was a bit of a struggle. It is neither voluntary work nor is it communal work, but something in between. However, convicing people to spend their entire Saturday shovelling, weeding, painting and hammering all for free was easy as pie. It seems as if everyone wanted to help out just for the sake of it. After a few phone calls I had gathered 27 people and borrowed all the equipment I needed. All this to get one step closer to launching our physical display store, workshop and vocational training facilities here in Livingstone! Well done to everyone that helped out and thank you for all your hard work 🙂







Just about lunch time

A proper lunch break is inevitable, and with ‘dugnad’ comes Norwegian waffles. A proper thanks to my mother and her awesome friends for making heavenly sweet heart waffles with jam, sour cream and brown goats cheese! YUM!




Ready for another round!



The WayaWaya sisters seem especially happy with the achievements from this weekend. Hopefully we will officially open our doors just now!

– Iris


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