Study time at WayaWaya

Martine and Tonje

Martine and Tonje are third year students at the occupational therapy bachelor program at UiT. During their three month practical placement at WayaWaya they have been responsible for initiating this years vocational program. As novel soon to be occupational therapists they have top competence on group theory, creative therapies and psychosocial environments. Making them a perfect fit for our annual training program that we offer to women without formal education.

Going towards the end of their stay they wanted to share some of their experiences from their time in WayaWaya.

Tonje being witty, as usual!



” We both have boyfriends back in Norway and before travelling down we were a bit sceptical and unsure if it was a good idea to leave Norway. Three months seemed like a very long time and we were wondering how relevant this practise would be for work later on in Norway”.

“So we took a leap of faith and decided to go through with it, after all. We had no idea of what was in store and knew little about the program at WayaWaya. When arriving in Livingstone we both got a big culture chock. The significant difference between Zambia and Norway also made one of us a bit homesick. However, it didn’t take long before we got to know everyone down at WayaWaya. They were so accommodating and we felt as if we were part of a big family from day one”.

Making Angela smile is not a difficult task
Sandra knows how it’s done.

“Being able to carry out our study program at WayaWaya has been really unique. Everyone at the workshop has been very accommodating and we have been taken in as a serious partners. We have been introduced to a new and exciting everyday life and we have been granted the responsibility in starting the annual vocational training program. We also had the opportunity to work with the core team and they have even taught us how to make a handbag, from cutting to finished product”.

“Had we known how relevant and interesting this practice was going to be before leaving Norway there would be no doubt. We have never experienced a similar practice in Norway and we are really grateful to be part of the WayaWaya family!”

We will miss your humor!

Thank you, Martine and Tonje! We really appreciate the time you have spent with us in WayaWaya. We hope to see you again soon!

PS, read more about our training program and social mission on WWs webpage under “about us



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