The journey of WayaWaya began in 2010 when Merete and Iris were work-exchanging in Livingstone. They devoted their time to local development programs with a passion for women’s rights. During their day-to-day work they experienced the hardships of Zambian women with little or no education. In the busy market of Livingstone, among the maze of secondhand clothes and African prints, the two Norwegian ladies found each other and a mutual interest for fashion. At this moment they realized that design and manufacturing could go hand in hand, and become key in empowering their fellow sisters in Zambia.

Artisan craft(wo)manship in Zambia is a relatively new concept. And because of this, Merete and Iris saw the need to uplift the women’s skillset to an international level. The playful colours of Zambia, merged with the cold shades of Scandinavia, inspired the philosophy of WayaWaya. The result: contemporary handbags with a meaningful interior.

Questions? Inputs? Contact: info@wayawaya.no
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/wayawayabags
Instagram: @wayawayabags

3 comments on “About

  1. WayaWaya will mend and sell fashionable leather bags for the Norwegian and international market. WayaWaya products will be made by women recruited from Kwenuha, an empowerment organization for former sex workers.

    “Will mend and sell” or “are mending and selling”?

    “Will be made” or “are made”

    • It’s nice that you are following us, Chris. Hope to see you again soon!
      This is a blog where we describe our journey from beginning to ever, ever. We are in a process of starting up the business and we want to share our preparations, stories an achievements on the way to get there. Thats why it says “will” and “will be”. We haven’t opened and started our workshop yet. We are hoping to start up during 2013. 🙂

  2. its really a good gesture and very passionate of you to think of the vulnerable in our society. they deserve a second chance and i know the project will be successful with the full commitment and zeal the women have.

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